Selected Publications


  • Simon Marynissen, et al. On the relationship between Approximation Fixpoint Theory and Justification Theory, Distinguished Paper Award at IJCAI 2021

  • Aerts, B., Vandevelde, S., & Vennekens, J. (2020). Tackling the DMN challenges with cDMN: A tight integration of DMN and constraint reasoning. In International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning. Best Paper Award at RuleML+RR 2020

  • Denecker, et al. Ultimate Well-Founded and Stable Semantics for Logic Programs with Aggregates. ICLP 2001, 20-Year Test of Time Award at ICLP 2021

  • Denecker, M. Extending classical logic with inductive definitions. ICCL2020. 20 Year Test of Time Award at ICLP 2020

  • Dasseville et al. Combining DMN and the Knowledge Base Paradigm for Flexible Decision Enactment, Winner of RuleML 2016 Challenge

Core technology

  • De Cat, B., Bogaerts, B., Bruynooghe, M., Janssens, G. and Denecker, M., 2018. Predicate logic as a modeling language: the IDP system. In Declarative Logic Programming: Theory, Systems, and Applications (pp. 279-323).

Interactive Consultant

  • Carbonnelle, P., Vennekens, J., Denecker, M., Bogaerts, B. (2020). Interactive Configuration Problems in Observable Environments. Presented at the International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Rhodes, Greece, 12 Sep 2020-18 Sep 2020.

  • Carbonnelle, P., Bogaerts, B., Vennekens, J., Denecker, M. (2020). Interactive Advisor for Lax Legislation and Observable Situations. Presented at the Workshop on Models of Legal Reasoning, Rhodes, Greece, 12 Sep 2020-14 Sep 2020.

  • Carbonnelle, P., Aerts, B., Deryck, M., Vennekens, J., Denecker, M. (2019). An Interactive Consultant. Presented at the BNAIC, Bruxelles, 06 Nov 2019-08 Nov 2019


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  • Deryck, M., Vennekens, J., Comenda, N., Coppens, B. (2021). Combining Logic and Natural Language Processing to Support Investment Management. In: KR2021 proceedings. Presented at the 18th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Hanoi, 03 Nov 202

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  • Vandevelde, S., Vennekens, J. (2020). A Multifunctional, Interactive DMN Decision Modelling Tool. Presented at the BNAIC 2020, Virtual, 19 Nov 2020-20 Nov 2020.