Use your domain knowledge to build intelligent systems

IDP-Z3 and its ecosystem can help you leverage domain knowledge to streamline your processes in a declarative, versatile and explainable manner.

Expressing your knowledge about a particular domain is much simpler than writing programs. IDP-Z3 understands familiar mathematical notation and easy-to-use Excel-like tables.
In our daily lives, we often use the same knowledge to perform very different tasks. IDP-Z3 is also able to re-use knowledge to solve very different problems, making it multi-functional.
IDP-Z3 uses only logic: there are no black-box models! Whenever IDP-Z3 gives you any piece of information, it can be traced back to its source and explained.
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Knowledge Base System

IDP-Z3 is a reasoning engine for domain knowledge. Using a formal specification of your problem domain, it can perform many useful inference tasks to drive intelligent behavior and support your users in their processes:

  • Verifying conformance;
  • Generating possible solutions;
  • Deriving consequences;
  • Explaining why a fact can (not) be derived;
  • Ask relevant questions;
  • And more.
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Your Knowledge, Your Power

Domain knowledge is valuable, but can be tricky to capture. Our toolbox offers different notations to aid you in this formalization process, allowing you to find one that matches for you and your team.

  • FO(ยท), our representation language based on first-order logic.
  • cDMN, a tabular-based notation familiar to those with knowledge of Excel.
  • CNL, which bridges the gap between natural and formal language.
  • Feature Models, a graphical representation for product configurations.
  • The list goes on!
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Quick prototyping

Our Interactive Consultant (IC) makes building prototypes incredibly straightforward. Simply plunk in your knowledge, and you are good to go. No programming required!

    What our Partners Are Saying About IDP-Z3

    We collaborate with many companies to help build their IDP-based tools. Here’s what they’re saying:

    I think it is a very good environment for providing integrated and consistent access to disparate regulations and see a lot of potential. The formalisation of knowledge is very intuitive, the supporting tools are powerful and the knowledge base seems easy to maintain by a domain expert without technical ICT knowledge.
    Government Partner

    Government Partner

    Our experts feel more confident in their decision-making when assisted by IDP-Z3 and the Interactive Consultant.
    Flanders Make

    Flanders Make

    Industrial designs

    We are looking forward to continue working with the professional and highly skilled team at KU Leuven.


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