Knowledge Base System

Use your domain knowledge
to power intelligent systems.

Why IDP-Z3?


Expressing your knowledge about a particular domain is much simpler than writing programs. IDP-Z3 understands knowledge expressed in familiar mathematical notation and easy-to-maintain Excel-like tables.


In our daily lives, we often use the same knowledge to perform very different tasks. IDP-Z3 also has the intelligence to re-use knowledge to solve very different problems.


IDP-Z3 uses logic to rigorously make inferences. There are no black-box models. Whenever IDP-Z3 gives you a solution, it can be explained.

Core Technologies



FO(.) (aka FO-dot) is our knowledge representation language based on first-order logic, with extensions to make it more expressive: types, (inductive) definitions, aggregates, and partial functions.

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cDMN is an extension of the Decision Modelling Notation (DMN) standard. It facilitates the maintenance of knowledge bases by end-users.

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a cloud with nodes


IDP-Z3 is the reasoning engine for FO(.) and cDMN. It can perform a variety of reasoning tasks by re-using the same knowledge base.

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an embedded device chip

The IC

Our Interactive Consultant (IC) helps end-users make reasonable decisions, fast. It is configured by entering the knowledge of a particular domain. No programming required !

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For industry

Our technology is deployed in finance, engineering and legal applications.

Our experts feel more confident in their decision-making when assisted by the Interactive Consultant.

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We are looking forward to continue working with the professional and highly skilled team at KU Leuven.

– Bart Coppens, Intelli-Select

Award-winning research

Our technology is based on research done at KU Leuven and published in award-winning papers: